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Rural, coastal learning center reached by CEFI donations

April 4th, 2020

Rural, coastal learning center reached by CEFI donations....(Read More)

CEFI and agency partners launch regional-level projects

April 4th, 2020

CEFI and agency partners launch regional-level projects....(Read More)

CEFI, SF continue giving gifts of learning to students

April 4th, 2020

CEFI provides support for disaster-ravaged school .......(Read More)

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The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ARM of C & E Group of Companies

How we can help

Teacher Student School School School Organization
Teacher Student School School School Organization
Teacher Student School School School Organization
Teacher Student School School School Organization
Teacher Student School School School Organization

Who we are


C&E Foundation Inc. envisions a Philippine society where quality education is a basic right enjoyed by all.


C&E Foundation Inc. is committed to:

  • Serve as a resource hub for private schools, particularly undeserved private schools which grant scholarships to the poor and extend services to marginalized sectors.
    • Actively support programs and activities that empower private academic institutions in their pursuit and provision of quality education, especially to needy but deserving students.
    • Goal

      As a non-profit organization dedicated to upgrading the quality of Philippine education, C & E Foundation, Inc. aims to help empower private schools cater to the poor by:

      • Organizing teacher-training activities to raise the standards of instruction and improving the development and quality of instructional materials.
        • Conducting and supporting research on quality instruction and learning materials.
          • Assisting schools and educators in complying with government curricular reforms such as the K-to-12 Basic Education Program and the Revised General Curriculum.
          • Strategies and Approaches

            A strengthened partnership with the academe and industries that support education and the involvement of the officers and staff of the C&E Group of Companies ensure the effective implementation of the Foundation’s social development programs.


            C&E Foundation, Inc. was established on October 6, 2010 with an advocacy of education that stems from the aspirations of Ms. Candida S. Gomez, the founder of C&E Publishing. Her vision of becoming a leader in the publishing and distribution industry was coupled with the commitment to support educational institution's pursuit of academic excellence and to help disadvantaged students realize their dreams. The commitment is reflected in her determination to be a leader in community service as well.

            The incorporation of the foundation formalizes its aspiration to assist the community in the spirit of giving back the blessings that C&E Publishing, Inc. has received over the years. C&E Foundation, Inc. addresses the need to create a formal venue for corporate social responsibility. With academic linkages and various forms of assistance to educational entities and the Filipino students, the Foundation considers education a vital and strategic area where its philanthropic contributions can make a difference in people’s lives.


            Board of Trustees

            • Dr. Isagani R. Cruz, Ph. D
            • Mr. John Emyl G. Eugenio
            • Mr. Eugene G. Eugenio
            • Mr. Maximo S. Gomez
            • Ms. Candida S. Gomez

What we do

C&E Foundation, Inc. continues to be an exemplary model of academic support in the country. This thrust is made manifest through various activities and long-term programs.

Book Donation through Project READ

The Foundation's Book Donation program, aptly entitled Project READ (Reading and Education Advocacy through Donations), gives away books published or distributed by C&E Publishing Inc. The recipients are learners in dire need of textbooks, reference books and instructional materials. Book donations are also extended to selected public agencies, non-profit organizations, medical institutions and communities that do not have access to published materials and learning resources for the students of different areas.

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Empower School Program (ESP)

The Empower School Program (ESP) adopts 10 private schools over an academic year or an average of one private school per month. It aims to assist private schools in terms of library acquisition, teacher training and management upgrading which makes both the Book Donation Program and the Teacher Training Program the most salient components of ESP.

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Teacher Training Program (TTP)

Under the Teacher Training Program (TTP), seminars and workshops are conducted for educators including school owners, staff, and administrators to prepare them for the challenges brought about by the new K-to-12 Basic Education Program.

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